About Us

Here at the Creator of All family, we offer several different services, prayer, and coaching specifically designed to help you succeed in all areas of your life, relationships, and business.

We offer Prayer hour, Prayer Therapy and Intervention, fellowship, and coaching services such as using focus prayer and meditation to renew your mind, body, and spirit to get rid of dark forces interfering with your life and success.

So whether your focus is spiritual based interventions, relationship problems, marriage counseling, life coaching, or overcoming addiction of any kind, mental, physical or emotional issues, OR all of the above, we’ve got you covered!

The Creator of All family provides a safe space for deep reflection and dynamic self-improvement for individuals from all walks of life. And all of our services incorporate prayer and are rooted in biblical teachings of the Old Testament of the Bible from Genesis to Malachi – including:

  • The Apocrypha books
  • The Book of Enoch
  • The Book of Jubilees
  • The Book of Jasher
  • And all the commandments from the Old Testament

What we Aim to Do
Our Mission

The Creator of All Family is a community of males and female, married and singles from around the world who are dedicated to learning about the  Creator of all, many layers of self, mastering the RIGHT kind of prayer to pray at each circumstances, improving ones selves and getting the key to uniting heart, mind, and body into a powerful vessel that ripples the Creator’s love and positivity out into the world.

Founded by Spiritual Advisor Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah, BS, MBA, Naturopath, Herbalist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist a Consultant, a Minister, and a Wellness Coach who personally host dedicated prayer for members across the world every morning and consult one-on-one coaching, prayer sessions, boot-camps, intensives, coaching groups on a variety of physical and spiritual challenges and topics. The Creator of All family members hails from 50 US states, Australia, Canada, Africa, UK, Germany and all around the world.

Our Vision

Embracing the holistic approach to optimal living and wellness, our vision is to incorporate dedicated prayer and consultation with the combination of the founder’s specialty in business, Natural Remedy, Wellness, Nutrition, Naturopathic expertise, and Ministry work to help members live a happy fulfilled life.

As a member of Creator of all family, you will not just be prescribed a unique prayer regimen to serve as an access point to the flowing presence of the Creator of all, but we’ll be with you every step of the way to back you up and ensure success.

You can get access to Dr. Utah’s revolutionary method of prayer to address every detail that makes up the big picture of your life. And as a member, you can take advantage of all the tools at your disposal in the form of Focus Prayer, Counseling, Consultation, and One-on-One Coaching to dissect every aspect of your being–physical, emotional, psychological, mental health, heart, genetic, spiritual, conscious and subconscious configuration – and guide them into alignment to supercharge your life, family, and business in accordance with the Creator’s design.

Our Core Beliefs and Values

  • The Bible and the word of our Creator is our foundation and guidance.
  • The Biblical Old Testament teachings that the Creator gave us to live by with the commandments, and we only observe the biblical holidays stated in it.
  • Using focus prayer as one of the keys to connect to the Creator of all.
  • Teaching and coaching all members about the importance of “thoughts” and how negative thoughts, beliefs, and words produce “negative” outcomes while “positive” thoughts, beliefs and words produce “positive” outcomes.
  • Understanding that all individuals have the ability and power to change their lives and be whoever and whatever they want to be.
  • The Creator of all is the only KEY to unity and strength within the family, business, and relationships.

So, if you are looking enrich your life with constant joy, peace, and gratitude, and make your thought harmonious with your desires then you have definitely come to the right place.

As a family in communion with the Creator of all, we work with the Creator and Divine Spirits along with Your Higher Self, Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to send universal love and healing energy to where it is needed most for your highest good and greatest healing.

No matter what religion or spiritual beliefs you may practice, the Creator of All is here for all of humanity. Over the years we have studied many different healing modalities and have developed a unique style which combines Natural healing with direct guidance from your ‘Creator’, guided meditation, one-on-one therapy sessions, direct coaching along with specific techniques to boost the flow of healing energy directed to you.

We can also help steer you toward the appropriate healthy practices, regimes, books, and tools to accelerate your healing process.

If you would like to focus on identifying and communicating with the Creator of all, your inner beings, gain knowledge far beyond your current understanding, learn what it means to be whole, and receive practical guidance uniquely suited to YOUR needs, then this is your lucky day!

We’ve worked with and helped thousands of members from diverse backgrounds and race to achieve deep physical, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment so that they may cultivate and enjoy a greater sense of peace, happiness, and tranquility in their life.

This is simply an unending battle that you can’t fight all by yourself.

And that’s why the Creator of All Family was founded!

To help connect your highest level of creative synergy that flows between you and the Creator of all.

Welcome to our Family – we can’t wait to see you inside!