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Prayer Therapy, Intervention, Consultation Individuals, Families, Group, and Businesses consult from anywhere

We provide, Individual, Couples, Family, Group and Businesses, Prayer Therapy, Spirit Release and Intervention by video, audio, chat, telephone, and face to face. We understand how challenging life can get sometimes, that is why we offer flexible, remote service options. In addition to prayer therapy, intervention, and consultation services, we also offer crises management sessions, to support you in your time of need.


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Why Be Uncertain, Full of Questions With No Good Answers When You Can Be Someone Who Can Attract And Achieve the BEST
Get Free to Choose
How Will You Live Your LIFE?

Discover How Prayer Therapy, Consultation and Intervention can benefit you to experience Happiness, Health, Peace, Comfort, Prosperity, and Wholeness to Become Your Best.

From the Desk of: DR. YISHRAYL STELLA UTAH, MBA, ND, CCN, Herbalist, and Minister

Hi, I’m Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah and I’d like to welcome you to the Creator of All Family. I’ll take a few minutes to talk to you about our Prayer Therapy, Consultation, and Intervention.

If you find yourself struggling with any part of your life , this is where you identify the true causes of your challenges, setbacks and the undue baggage holding you back. Get rid of them and take total control of your life. Start living in the care and acceptance of the Creator of All.

Here we guide you to make proper choices and benefiting solutions.
In just a moment, I’m going to reveal everything you stand to gain when you join our Prayer Therapy, Consultation, and intervention. How you can tap into the unlimited power of the Creator of All to create a better self and open visions and road to success.

Most people don’t realize everyday they plant or make choices that result in failure. We wonder why when we work so hard and try to do what’s right, something always goes wrong.

There are reasons, there are forces working against us. Invisible forces, inside and out. Forces trying to destroy us for no apparent reason. You will learn to understand and control these forces and access the power to rule in greatness.

We all need to seek help and counseling to plant or make the right choices to receive multiple benefits. But who can we trust? Who will give the right answers during our dilemmas?

You might think of success as things like learning technical skill to help you achieve your short-term goals, in part, they are, but creating a strong foundation and being content goes much deeper than that.

And that’s exactly where our Prayer Therapy, Consultation, and Intervention Comes In!

99 percent of the time when we fail to achieve our goals, dreams and live a very happy successful life it is because we’re improperly prepared. We failed to equip and prepare with the RIGHT force.

You were not properly treated. You have not been given the proper care, the correct tools, or the truth to move forward. You didn’t know how to effectively reach and utilize the power of the Creator of All.

You have the power and the choice to change your life.

By associating and putting yourself in an environment designed to condition and reframe your reality, purge toxic patterns of thinking and negative forces, and replace them with healthy thoughts and energy to internally tap into your inner-self and reprogram your reality to make informed choices that will steer any outcome in your favor.

Let us Clean your environment, internal and external your body your mind your surroundings.

Here’s Exactly What’s Covered in Our Prayer THERAPY, CONSULTATION, AND INTERVENTION Sessions

Creator Insight:
Have Trustful Communication and Fellowship with The Creator of All and live a happy fulfilled life, with our Broadcast, and Prayers.

Spiritual Release and Protection:
Release of Evil Spirits, Evil Attachments, Evil Interference, and Influence. Remove Spiritual Attack, Bad luck, Negative Energies, Cleanse and heal your Soul, and layers of Your Spiritual Bodies.

Thought to Action, Retreat, and Meditation:
Your thoughts shape your life. Arm and reprogram your mindset to prevent stress producing patterns. Every feeling we have is the direct result of something we were thinking. This is where you permanently remove toxic patterns of thinking and replace them with healthy thoughts. Our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and beliefs are important. We are who we think, feel, and believe we are, good or bad. Your Emotions and your thoughts rule your Perceptions, and Decisions.

Whole Health, Physical, Emotional Mental, Spiritual,
Know which Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Herbs, and Probiotics are best for you. Cleanse yourself of Candida, Fungus, Toxins, Heavy Metal, Parasites, Bacteria, and Virus.
Learn about Gut, Intestinal Health, Digestion, Emotional, Psychological, Mental Health, Weight Management, Inner Self Healing, Stress. Address your Trauma, Various Abuse. Be informed about Nutritional Foods, instead of Hybrid or Dead Foods. Choose the right foods to live healthily and reduce weight.

Finances, Business, Job:
Prayer support for Money, Career, Job, Prosperity, Spiritual Release for your office, Business.

Relationship, Marriage, Family:
Know the right way to Communication and make the Right Choices. Get help with your Marriage,
Pray when there are Conflicts. Have Prayer support for Separation, Conflict, Divorce, Addictions, Trauma, Abuse, Suicide, and much more

Start Your Marriage with Biblical Marriage Vows.

Renew your Marriage Vows and Rededicate your Marriage and Family to the Creator of All.

Protect Your Environment, Home, Workplace, and Vehicle:
Keep your home, Work Place, Spiritual and Physical Protected, and Shielded. Spiritual Release for Your Home, Workplace, Vehicle.

Listen to the Creator of all Broadcast:
Purchase our selected products. We select and pray over our products.

Join our Prayer Hour:
Incorporate daily prayer in every area of your life. Get direction and guidance in any or all topics that you are dealing with in order to manifest the desires of your life.

This is truly the mother-lode! And a very unique opportunity for you to work directly with me in a one-on-one environment. Just YOU and ME!

In this intimate, highly focused session, you can get answers to your specific questions, directions, and prayer for ANY problem you’re currently going through and naturally tap into the full power of Creator of All to transform and guide you to the right choices and permanent solutions.

To unfold who you truly can be— from anywhere in the world via Mobile, Skype, Chat, Telephone, and in Person – join us today!

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I look forward to meeting you and helping you unlock your true potentials. Click on the link to book a session and join Creator of all Family early and say NO to disappointments!

See you inside!

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