We leverage on the network of members engaged in a common interest or vocation in the community.


We put our minds, resources, time and actions to work to achieve a common goal for the community.


We share our insights, opinions, and challenges, and welcome the feedback and support of the community.


We share our perspective and experiences toward enlightenment and infotainment of the community.

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Creator of All Africa is a community for people looking to enrich their lives with constant joy, peace, and gratitude, and a place where they can harmonize their thoughts with their desires. As a family in communion with the Creator of all, we work with the Creator along with one’s higher self as well as divine spirits, one’s guardian angels, and spirit guides to send universal love and healing energy to where it is needed most for one’s highest good and greatest healing.

Creator of All Africa community is intended for individuals who desire to focus on identifying and communicating with the Creator of All, their inner being, gain knowledge far beyond their current understanding, learn what it means to be whole, and receive practical guidance uniquely suited to their needs. Creator of All Africa community has helped and worked with thousands of members from diverse backgrounds and races to achieve deep physical, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment. So that they may cultivate and enjoy a greater sense of peace, happiness, and tranquility in life. Coming into the awareness and reaching fulfilment in these areas of life is simply an unending battle that a sinlge individual cannot fight all by themselves. For this reason the Creator of All family was founded to help connect one to one’s highest level of creative synergy that flows between them and the Creator of all.

Welcome to our Family – we look forward to your supernatural transformation!

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