DNA Profile

The Revolutionary DNA Profile ID Card to Know EVERYTHING About Your REAL Identity

“A customized wallet sized ID profile card with your name and a personalized frame-able 8.5″ x 11″ genetic profile.”

  • Do you have a hereditary condition that requires special treatment and having a DNA ID card with your complete profile may end up saving your life?
  • Would you like to have your DNA analysis and genetic profiling customized as a form of ID card?
  • Would you like a custom-made DNA profile ID that can be used as a point of contact for special prayer when the situation calls for it?

If you answered YES to any of the above…Then this may be the most important message, you’ll ever read.

There’s absolutely no doubt that DNA is THE most effective identification tool available today. And with the invention of DNA genetic profiling, you can now easily determine your family tree and biological relationships, resolve issues of inheritance or benefits, and even establish family lineage when needed.

The Revolutionary DNA Profiling ID Card and What Does it Do for You

Now, you can have your DNA analysis and genetic profile results in a custom-made wallet-size form of ID to carry around with you wherever you go. And can even have one made for each member of your family at your request.

This innovative DNA ID card may be very useful when you want to:

  • Determine parentage
  • Dissolve inheritance dispute (especially when backed up with a Will)
  • Identify relatives
  • Resolve immigration issues
  • Relationship profiling
  • Pet testing
  • Use as a point of contact for special prayers – this is vital as it could one day be the only alternative to save your life
  • Establish family tree
  • Eliminate the risk of fraudulent and crime claims (might one day be the one thing standing between you and going to jail and ruling you out as a suspect)
  • DNA Banking (Store your DNA for the future)
  • Determine inherent genetic diseases
  • And many, more…

Simply put… this revolutionary DNA ID is THE future of identification, but more than that, knowing and carrying your full genetic history with you everywhere you go could one day be the very thing that saves your life.

Unfortunately, this is one of those things that most people would rather not think about unless it became absolutely necessary. No one likes thinking about what would happen when tragedy or accidents inevitably struck.

This revolutionary ID could one day be the only thing standing between you and a horrible misdiagnosis because the doctors didn’t know your genetic history.

Think about what that would do for your life. How well you sleep at night. And the worry that will disappear when you have all the information about your family tree, paternity, hereditary condition and lineage inside your wallet.

Is such peace of mind even possible? Especially in today’s “dark cloud” world?

YES! And it is more vital than ever!

You URGENTLY NEED this revolutionary and superior way of identification and “waiting” for the perfect time is a bad idea. If you truly want to protect yourself and your loved ones, then we strongly recommend you invest in your own custom-made DNA Profile ID today.

We truly believe that this is the future of identification and healing, and when you order yours today, your results will include a wallet-sized ID profile card with your name and a personalized frame-able 8.5″ x 11″ genetic profile.

DNA profiling is a new exceptional way to distinctively determine individual identity with ease. With this innovative method of identification, anyone can find out everything from their family tree to hereditary conditions.

Our genetic material comprises of different parts of our bodies, governing important factors such as growth, development, and functioning. And DNA profiling makes it incredibly painless to ascertain individual unique DNA with accuracy.