DNA: Life in the Blood!

DNA is the blueprint of your biological life from its inception to its growth and until death. Its discovery has not only revolutionized science and medicine but it has affected all walks of life; whether they are social, legal, criminal or inheritance related. DNA is the prerequisite for life’s inception. Creator of all is a DNA service provider. There is life in the blood. We will use the DNA profile not only to assist members in resolving spiritual and social matters but legal and inheritance matters as well.
Creator of all family will be providing a service to aits members that will use their DNA in helping their legacy live on after they transition from flesh to spirit and, we will use the DNA to pray to the Creator to remove any negative spirits or generational issues. Our services will also range from DNA last will and testament, to collecting DNA samples of yourself and the ones you appoint to your estate. Be sure who will take care of your assets, and belongings when you pass away. Many times, we do not think about what will happen to our passwords, accounts, estates, valuables, credit, younger children, estranged siblings and children, etc. until after the funeral. Who do you trust? Who will inherit your hard-earned treasures?

Our DNA Service Package Includes:
• Signed Confidentiality forms
• Last will and Testament
• DNA Samples of yourself and the ones you appoint to your estate
• DNA samples are stored in a secured vault and Will be for prayers
• Ancestral DNA

Written in human DNA is a record of each person’s individuality, a shared history of the evolution of our species, and the code that can provide insight into a person’s future health. DNA dictates life in two manners. Firstly, it transfers hereditary information from generation to generation. Secondly, it controls the production of proteins. You would be able to use the DNA for historical reference, verification of kinship, prayerfully healing a genetic disease or illness.

Examples of DNA or Genetic Testing:
1. In archeology DNA tests help record genetic codes and sequences of life on earth many centuries ago. This creates a data base that can be used as a ready reference.
2. Genetic testing used to determine the paternity of a child. This helps authorities solve legal problems and settle   any tussles.
3. Prenatal genetic tests help doctors determine whether or not the unborn fetus will have certain incurable health problems
4. DNA testing finds wonderful use in the health field as DNA sometimes is the cause of heritable conditions.
5. DNA tests are often used to reunite lost siblings or families. The genetics of a person leaves an indelible mark and this is used by police and authorities as well as individuals to confirm relationships
6. DNA Finger Prints and ID cards

DNA speaks. It is powerful when using the DNA to pray because of the life in the blood. The spirit works with the flesh Creator of all family is looking to provide a service by assisting individuals and families with the use of DNA during such events as divorce proceedings, deliverance, in their transition from flesh to spirit, last will and testament.

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