Family Therapy

Learn ways to successfully manage and sustain a thriving family.


Results may vary from person to person. Yishrayl Stella Utah is not a Medical doctor. Neither diagnose or treat disease. She claims no formal training in psychology or medicine. Does not holds a special license in medicine. Yishrayl Stella Utah services are based solely on the wisdom and knowledge by the Creator of All and the All-powerful spirit of the Most High, skills and personal experience of what works. Yishrayl Stella Utah or her staff makes no verbal or written warranty on the effectiveness of the programs on your condition. Using the services does not replace or substitute for available medical services. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and solutions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Offerings benefits to couples include improved overall process that increases marital satisfaction, reduce, or eliminate ineffective patterns such as predictable arguments and poor conflict resolution, increase parenting skills including typical problems with step or blended families, improve trust and confidence in the marriage, prevent divorce, increase intimacy and recover from affairs. It can sometimes be very difficult for couples to create their own solutions to all of these problems, particularly as they have lost objectivity. Both partners can often be stuck to their guns and really believe that if their partner “would only see it my way, the problem would be solved”.

And to make the matter worse, more couples often receive well-intended advice from friends or family members that often oversimplify the problem or may have worked for the advice-giver but doesn’t apply to that couple’s unique dynamics and history. At the Creator of All, we take both a holistic and biblical approach to counsel couples and families on their journey through life. Too many of us are stripped of our identities and do not know who we are. The Creator of All offers unique services that address not just the physical aspects of a family and marriage, but the emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual ones as well. We help guide the family accordingly so, they can live as part of the Creator’s own family.

Creating a happy family starts with you, in your home, and inside of your mind. Couples need to continually work on their marriage first. Parents need to learn how to pray for their children – it’s one of the most important things a parent can do for their child.

We offer a list of personalized family, marriage, and relationship services we offer at the Creator of All Family:

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

  • Are you experiencing, conflict, addiction, trauma, abuse, relationship problems?
  • Worried by family troubles?
  • Constant fighting with your spouse?
  • Having a difficult time understanding or relating your children?

If you are having doubts or second thoughts about getting married or are involved in a family conflict that you just cannot see a way out of, you do not have to deal with it alone. We are here to help you. Sometimes, families lack the skills or even the desire to resolve conflicts on their own, and an outside mediator needs to be called in. Our Prayer Therapies, Intervention, and Support services can help your family see and understand each other’s points of view.

At the Creator of All family, we provide more objectivity, counseling and tailored guidance based on every couple unique patterns and problems to ensure a long-lasting solution. Do not let problems or resentment build to the tipping point when it is almost too late before you do something about it.


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  • Family Therapy

    COA AFRICA has been there for me in every area of my life. Both in times of joy or needing COA guidance. Instrumental to my life are the prayer points, the lifestyle modifications that have changed the way I eat, pray, and interact with people. It is a life changing organization.

  • Family Therapy

    The daily prayers, spiritual guidance from Dr Utah has made a huge impact in my life. It has made me rethink the course of my life. It has caused me to think about what is important in this world and to begin a journey of spiritual renewal with the COA. COA AFRICA will change the way people think about the ways of COA.

  • Family Therapy

    It is important for me to use whatever prayer points or advice given to bring solutions to any difficulties or challenges in life. It’s not enough to just read the scripture or prayer points, but the prayer must turn into a solution. It must be used as an application to everyday needs. The expectation is for a positive result or solution after the prayer. This is what COA AFRICA does.