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We have guided more people to lead more fulfilling lives through special prayers, healing, renewal, cleansing, counseling, mentorship, and resources. Our sole aim since the inception is to support, guide, and provide solutions to individuals struggling with any part of their lives.
We are devoted to providing a supportive network, tools, and resources for those who seek to transform their lives through self-actualization and individuated communion with the Creator of all.
To that end, we would like to personally invite you today to become a Champion of Hope and partner with Creator of All Family. Your monthly financial partnership will make it possible for us to share The Creator of All’s unconditional love and unending hope around the world through our Daily broadcast, live events, and online resources.

Our Missions and Outreach

Sanctuary / Pilgrimage
The world can be an unfair place – especially for those who don’t have a lot of option. Our goal is to provide a safe sanctuary for Creator of all family to escape to the Creator of all for rest, prayer, cleansing, renewal, and healing.

By putting oneself in an environment filled with like-minded people who will be shown and taught the love of the Creator of all and arm with tools specifically designed to transform and reframe their reality, purge toxic patterns of thinking and negative forces sabotaging their lives and replace them with healthy thoughts and energy – the Creator of All family members can start leading more fulfilling and rewarding lives.


Mental Health Centre
Mental and Emotional Dis-EASE represent an enormous burden in much of Africa. Environment factors, such as violence, stress, poverty, neglect, and the dynamic of an extended family due to step children in the same household of different fathers increase the risk for mental and emotional illness in regions that have extremely limited resources to provide proper care.

And the worst thing about it all is that not much is taught about this harmful disease in this part of the world, so as a result of this neglect, most people living in this less privilege area do not see mental and emotional health challenges as an illness, because they are not properly taught or informed.

We would like to provide ongoing opportunities for research, education, and training. With a focus on exploring innovative strategies to improve mental and emotional health services in low-resourced environments, and less privileged individuals and families.

Biblical-based school
We have plans this year to add a Biblical-based school in the hopes that each of our members and individuals who desire will have the opportunity to get a hands-on biblical training.

Our School will give biblical training and offer financial as well as spiritual support. Creator of all School will be unique and offer academic and practical training. We aim to complete this project and commence the programs including one-on-one biblical training.

Thanks to generous sponsors, we are well on our way to reaching our goals. We’ll greatly appreciate your support to get these projects completed.

With your donation, you can help us meet our goal to provide our members and individuals from all walks of life with worthwhile training and support. Your contribution will have a life-changing impact on so many lives and help them nurture their talents and natural abilities to reach the full potential the Creator of all set for them.
You may receive a lot of appeals from many good causes, but there’s no better cause than being able to change and transform someone’s life in a way that you can’t even imagine. Together we can change, transform, and make this world a better place, let’s join hands together to leave this world better than we found it!

There are daily special prayers, rewards, and benefits from the Creator of all specifically reserved for our sponsors to cover them, their business/career, and families. But that’s not the only reason to donate – remember, there’s power in being a giver.

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